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Evelina’s home & gym program for

the dream shape of your life

My complete training & nutrition plans as well as tips and tricks for your individual success
– by Evelina

  • Training plans for the gym and at home
  • Daily motivation
  • Measuring your progress
  • Delicious nutrition plan
  • Individually adapted to you
  • iOS and Android App
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Together with me

Reach your goals in a short period of time

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscles or simply feel more comfortable with your body - I will accompany you on your personal way to the shape of your life.

Perfectly formed body

Flat stomach, tight legs and a sexy booty - train flexibly in the gym or at home with my verified training plans and achieve your dream figure.

Healthy life

No more bad habits - with an individual nutrition plan I will help you live a permanently healthy and happy lifestyle.

More time for your loved ones

Save time thanks to fast, effective workouts. Decide every day whether you want to train with weights or your own bodyweight and enjoy full flexibility!

I want all of this now!

The program for your dream shape

Get a perfectly tailored fitness plan based on my own personal training of the past years. You can expect numerous home and gym exercises, training videos, tasty recipes, and the necessary motivation from me to achieve your goals.

  • Bodyweight & gym plan

    Decide daily whether you want to train at home with your own bodyweight or with weights in the gym. Achieve your dream shape effectively and with full flexibility.

  • Detailed video tutorials

    Train with me. In numerous real-time videos I will show you exactly how to perform the exercises.

  • Individually adapted to you

    Whether beginner, advanced or professional, the program is perfectly tailored to your level.

Delicious nutrition plan for every day

Lose weight while still enjoying delicious foods. Learn everything about healthy eating with my professional nutrition plan. Choose your favourites from many tasty and varied recipes, adapted to your body, your training and your goal.

  • Dietary preferences

    A plan according to your needs. All plans are suitable for vegetarians and food intolerances.

  • Simple, quick recipes

    Cooking made easy. All recipes are described in detail and therefore easy to implement - regardless of whether you are a cooking novice or a hobby chef.

  • Shopping lists

    Support for your memory, so that you don't forget anything. Shopping lists are available for every meal.

I will guide you

You're not alone on the way to your new, stronger self. I am here for you and will be at your side the whole time. Get insights into my personal training process and let us reach our goals together.

  • Numerous tips & tricks from my personal experience

    Benefit from my tips and tricks on fitness, nutrition and healthy living.

  • Fitness-level tracking and direct planning with Evelina

    Everybody has days when nothing seems to go right but I will motivate you every day and help you to stay on course.

Always stay focused on your goal

Let your progress motivate you. You have numerous possibilities to track how you get closer to your goal day by day.

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Track your measurements

Regularly record your weight and other measurements in the app and watch as you continue nearing your dream goal.

Before and after pictures

With the before and after function you will quickly notice how your body changes for the better and how you become fitter and fitter.

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Feel the difference

Not only will you lose weight, but you will shape your body exactly according to your wishes. You will soon see, feel and experience this for yourself.

Choose your plan
Yvonne Pferrer

I was once at the very beginning as well

As a child and in my youth I was already very active. However, it was only through proper strength training that I was able to achieve the shape that I’ve been dreaming of. Today I not only feel comfortable, but also strong and self-confident. That's why I want to take away women's fear of training with weights. Learn from my personal transformation and let's tackle your goals together. You can do it too!

by Evelina

Choose your training package!

Take the first step of your journey to success.

Evelina recommends

Full transformation package



12.90€ monthly

Save 50%

I want the full transformation!

Minimum term 15 months. The membership will be extended by 12 months if not cancelled 4 weeks before the end of the contract.

Learn more
  • Complete 15-month training program
  • Train whenever and wherever you want. Two programs in one app: bodyweight and gym - daily change possible
  • Plenty of additional recipes (also for vegetarians)
  • Bonus trainings for: belly, legs & booty, tight arms
  • Over 100 individually compiled real-time workouts
  • Individually adapted to you and your needs
  • Annual meet-up in Germany
  • iOS- and Android-App

Strong & sexy



79.90€ for 12 weeks
+ 4 weeks free

I want this one

After 16 weeks, the 12-week program becomes a monthly subscription for €9.99 to give you continuous access to the program. You can cancel the subscription before the end of the 16 weeks simply by e-mail or afterwards monthly.

Learn more
  • Complete 12-week training program
  • Train whenever and wherever you want. Two programs in one app: bodyweight and gym - daily change possible
  • Numerous tasty recipes, easy to prepare
  • Hours of training videos in real time
  • iOS- and Android-App
  • Individually adapted to you

one-time payment of 79.90€

incl. 19% VAT

Save 50%

12.90€ monthly

incl. 19% VAT

Note: Persons with diabetes or who are pregnant are not recommended to participate in the online program without first consulting their physician. The online program is also not suitable for the treatment of obesity.